A Slurp View of 2017


Now 2016 is well and truly over, we are looking forward to a fruitful and pleasant 2017 – with (hopefully) a few cracking wines along the way! This article is our take on the year ahead, what we aim to focus on, what wines are interesting us and how we see the year panning out.

First Off – Brexit

It makes sense to kick off with this, it really was the biggest news story of 2016 in Britain and the shifting strength of the pound has had an effect on the wine industry. We have already seen prices go up when purchasing new vintages or sourcing new wines and this shift does add a few extra pennies to the cost of your favourite wines, this may not last forever but certainly for the near future cost are a little higher. Never fear though, there is always going to be wines out there offering fantastic value for money and we intend to keep finding them.

Secondly – South African Wine

The Rand has come to the UK’s rescue when it comes to wine, weakness in its value mean South African wines are extremely good value in Britain at the moment. Combined with a mini renaissance in South African wine making primarily driven by young and brilliant talents more than willing to experiment with old world techniques and incredible terroir. Watch out for Slurp’s South African tasting this May – this will be an excellent chance to try a whole host of top SA wines.

Third – British Sparkling Wine

I know that English Sparkling has been a thing for a couple of years now but we can’t see this trend changing anytime soon. The quality is there for all to see and taste, wineries such as Nyetimber are breaking new ground every year and the at home and export markets look set to grow in 2017. What we haven’t discussed too often is that there are wineries popping up all across Britain – we expect to start hearing about plenty of Welsh wineries this year.

In Fourth Place – Red Sparkling

We most definitely won’t go out on a limb and say this is the end for Prosecco, on the contrary this is still going to dominate but we have seen more interest in red sparkling wines such as Lambrusco. These fellas are quite often very dark pink or red in colour and offer a different flavour and style. Red Lambrusco (to me at least) is almost like fizzy Beaujolais, perfect at room temperature or ever-so-slightly chilled, this is a sparkling to match perfectly with cold meats. Give the Villa Cialdini Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro a try – it’s well worth a taste.

Last Up – Burgundy Alternatives

Yet another tough vintage for Burgundian winemakers means that it really is time to start looking to other regions to source top notch Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that don’t cost the earth. The wines from Burgundy seem (to me at least) to be a good as ever, there just happens to be a lot less around due to harsh vineyard conditions, including giant hailstones and this is driving the price up. We recently had a whistle stop tour of some very special Greek wines that could give Puligny a run for its money as well as tasting some pretty exceptional Aussie wines from the cooler climate regions that we think seriously do the job, the Paringa Estate ‘Peninsula’ Chardonnay 2013 is an absolute star.

So…to wrap up we think that 2017 is going to be a turbulent but at the same time brilliant year for wine. The same old big hitters – Prosecco, Champagne, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Argentinian Malbec – will be everywhere but we expect to see more interest in the specific regions and terroir. More and more wineries are looking to be classed as organic, and believe that organically made wines are inherently better quality, so we are certain this will become a big story this year. Watch out for the 2015 Bordeaux vintages, rumour has it that these are seriously good wines from a seriously good year. And us? Well, we want to make sure we bring you the best wines, best service, all at the best prices we can. We already have quite a few wine tastings planned for 2017, as well as perhaps a few tweaks and changes, regardless we’re still growing and still learning so please get in touch! Let us know what you like to drink, what the best wine you’ve ever had is, where you’re going on holiday, anything really, we just want to keep the conversation going! Happy Slurping!



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