Firework & Wine Matching!


Bonfire Night is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time to have a little bit of fun with your wine pairings – so how about a few wine matches for your firework display?

f21db77861414d6c1049936f1b62b50dSparkler – Everyone loves a sparkler, and it has to be fizz to match! So how about a delicious glass of your favourite Champagne or Prosecco? Your sparkling sparkler has to be well chilled of course!

chinese-fireworks-mdFirecracker – The prankster’s favourite, a heady mix of light it and run. To go along with a bunch of firecrackers we’d pick New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. These are wines that pack a seriously tropical flavour punch from a such light package!

Roman Candle – A cardboard tube that shoots stars, what’s not to love? That’s firework-iconexactly how we feel about Gewurztraminer! Beautifully floral, sometimes dry, sometimes sweet, always delicious, and a real star in our eyes.

Catherine Wheel – A spinning wheel of fire that crackles912260 and whistles, which (when they work) deliver with bells on. A bit like Pinot Noir – when a winemaker gets it right there is no better drink – so this has to be our pairing with a Catherine Wheel.

depositphotos_59809661-cartoon-fireworkRocket – The main man of fireworks and the finale that we all wait for, this is the one that delivers the most bang for your buck. There can only be one match for a rocket, and that’s Shiraz. The bold, explosive fruit in a bottle of Shiraz is the perfect accompaniment to all the oooos and ahhhs.

It goes without saying that you should never drink before using fireworks, and especially not while lighting them. Take care, keep a safe distance and enjoy your lovely wines while watching an excellent Bonfire Night firework display!



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