Bodegas Ontañón – A family affair

As the cold nights set in, there’s nothing more inviting than a glass of ripely-fruited, silky smooth Rioja. Bodegas Ontañón – widely recognised as a leading estate – delivers the perfect wines to hit the spot.


Bodega Ontañón is a multi-generational, family-owned winery located in Rioja Baja. Their beautifully scenic vineyards sit high in the Sierra Yerga Mountains outside of the township of Quel, which has been one of Rioja’s outstanding wine-making centres for three centuries. The whole family take great pride in maintaining these vineyards in the most sustainable manner possible, emphasising that it is the land that supports their family tradition in wine.

Raquel, Ruben, Leticia and Maria Pérez Cuevas are part of the 5th generation of the Cuevas family to make wine in Rioja Baja. Their father, Gabriel, first inherited the vineyards in the 1980’s and immediately set out to produce wines that embodied the region, where he believed some of the highest quality wines from Rioja are made. He was right, and quickly decided to purchase more vineyard sites in Rioja Baja to meet the demand for his wines.


The Rioja Baja region is the hottest and driest of the three wine-making regions in Rioja. Baja is the sub-region most strongly influenced by the Mediterranean climate, which contributes to higher temperatures both daily and seasonally, and although Baja has been known for its vineyard land planted closer to the Ebro river at a lower elevation, a good portion of the most coveted vineyard land in Baja is planted at heights reaching around 850 metres above sea-level. The Baja region has the most diverse soil profile of any of the Rioja sub-regions, and consists of fertile alluvial soil with large amounts of iron-rich clay and limestone deposits.


These are seriously delicious Rioja wines, and well worth a taste. Check out our range here:


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