Introducing ‘The Zin Masters’

Larry Turley’s, Wine Cellars have achieved such cult status for their Zinfandels that Wine Spectator magazine coined them the Zin Masters! With a two year wait, just to get onto the Turley Wine Cellars mailing list – where most of their wines are sold on release.

Larry Turley’s wine journey began with a rather unconventional chance encounter: returning from work as an emergency room physician one night, he discovered somebody had pitched up camp on his property. In true 1970s ‘wild west’ fashion he drove his motorcycle straight through the tent! The tent occupant happened to be John Williams, the soon-to-be winemaker at Spring Mountain. After a few (dozen) bottles of wine; Larry and John decided to form Frog’s Leap Winery. Larry’s passion for Zinfandel eventually led him to his own, smaller project, Turley Wine Cellars, where today he now makes 28 separate wines from 35 different vineyards, some with vines that date back to the late 1800’s.

Turley’s sought after Zins are famed for their plush, rich and concentrated style with an emphasis on ripeness. The Juvenile is a blend from their younger vines (aged 6-25yrs) from hallowed Zin terroirs such as Hayne, Ueberroth, Pesenti, Salvador, and Vineyard 101. This is a stunning wine from an iconic estate which shows just how good Zinfandel can be; we were left utterly charmed by its juicy blueberry fruit with hints of delicate violet and spice.

We love Turley’s Zinfandel Juvenile, the juicy blueberry fruit bursts on the palate, with shades of violet and flecks of spice. It has a luxurious mouthfeel with depth and concentration, all framed by a bright acidity. At a fraction of the price of other bottlings from this prestigious estate, the juvenile offers a great opportunity to taste some of the best Zin out there. It’s seriously worth a try:



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