Happy Grenache Day!

The Slurp Blog

We love Grenache here at Slurp, and what’s not to love? Grenache (aka Cannonau (Italy), Garnacha (Spain), Garnatxa (Spain) and Grenache Noir) is a wine style that tastes warm and fruity with loads of strawberry, spice and the occasional flavour of tobacco and orange peel all working together to teleport the drinker to a more sunny, happy place. And Grenache is one of those grape varieties that lives for those sunny, happy places. Like Cabernet Sauvignon it thrives in these conditions. The Rhone Valley and Spain are its traditional and cultural home but it’s now planted anywhere with a Mediterranean level temperature, covering near enough 500,000 acres worldwide. That is a lot of Grenache in anyone’s language, but why is it so widely planted? Well the answer is that it is a popular grape variety, very popular in fact. Think of some of the big name wines that we all know, Châteauneuf-du-Pape…

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