Introducing: The Michelini Brothers


The three Michelini brothers, Matias, Gerardo and Juan Pablo, are experimental winemakers spearheading an exciting revolution in Argentinean wine – they don’t play by the rule book, employ esoteric winemaking techniques, and create incredibly unique wines which simply must be tried!


Their Gualtallary-located ‘SuperUco’ Winery (pictured above) is spectacular; resembling some sort of spacecraft, filled with large egg-shaped concrete vats, and surrounded by an alien-crop-circle-looking-design circular vineyard. This isn’t your usual ‘Bodega’ and you won’t find anything else like the wines being created here. We were extremely lucky to visit early last year, and we won’t forget the experience!

The three brothers each produce wines under various labels, with some being collaborative, and some being spin-off projects. While all of their wines are very individual, it’s clear two key elements run through them. The first is the wonderful Gualtallary sub-region of Tupungato. Seen by many as the most exciting terroir in Argentina, due it’s high altitude desert-like landscape and nearly 100% calcareous soils, all of which helps impart a vivid minerality and freshness to the wines. They have also now expended into the similarly lauded Altamira sub-region for their ‘Cru Chan’ Malbec. The second is the brothers’ unique winemaking approach and philosophy; they positively embrace experimentation, and focus on producing vibrant, modern, elegant wines which burst with freshness and minerality – quite different to the big & bold style of many Argentinean wines.

Look out for an unfiltered Semillon at just 10.9%, smokey and mineral, echoing Australia’s Hunter Valley style. Also in the range is a juicy Beaujolais-style Bonarda, one of Argentina’s purest Syrah’s (Diverso) and the fine and complex 95 point Calcereo Malbec.

To celebrate their genius (craziness?!) we have offers across a range of wines from three of their labels; Passionate Wines, Gen del Alma and Via Revolucionaria! Why not try our Mixed Gen del Alma Sampler Case Offer and Save over £8. It’s time to try something different to anything you will have tasted before – enjoy!


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