Maison Chapoutier


Maison Chapoutier is one of our very favourite wine estates at Slurp. Established in 1879 by Polydor Chapoutier, it is situated in the epicentre of the Rhone Valley. Propelled by the leadership and charisma of wine-maker Michel Chapoutier, has become one of the most influential wineries in the region.

Michel Chapoutier began his remarkable wine career at the age of 26. A self-taught enthusiast and a curious visionary, he brought to the Chapoutier winery a new approach and a powerful ambition. An idea of wine that soon became all-embracing. “Wine-grower, wine-maker and wine lover”.

The choices he made marked a break with past principles and prejudices. An essential, emblematic choice to change the taste associated with Maison Chapoutier, to avoid cultivating “a signature taste”, focused him instead on bringing out the difference and specific features of each terroir. This one essential idea has provided the key to Michel’s success. To emphasise the importance of terroir and it’s expression in wine, and be true to the earth which gives it’s signature flavour to each wine.

Thanks to sticking to his Bio-dynamic principals, Michel Chapoutier is now one of the most revered winemakers in France, and has a global reputation for producing wines of incredible finesse, with terrior ranging as far afield as Australia. He is a key figure in the wine world and some of his most exhilarating wines come from the schist and granite terraces of the Roussillon region, and in particular the Agly Valley.

We have been lucky enough to stock Chapoutier wines for a number of years, and without question every vintage is as good, if not better, than the last. This is typified by the consistently brilliant reviews from top critics such as Robert Parker. So if you have never tasted these wines before we strongly suggest you check them sooner than later….


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