Slurp’s Top 40 Argentinian Tasting

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We recently hosted a fantastic evening full of Argentinian delights. Over 50 wines were on show (we just couldn’t stop at 40) from Bonarda to Viognier, Atamisque to Zorzal, Patagonia to Salta, all bases were covered.

We were proud to host key figures from the main featured estates on the evening, who were on hand to present their wines and discuss all the intricate details. A big thank you to Jean Edouard de Rochebouet (Atamisque), Santiago Bernascomi (Aniello), Maria Carola de la Fuente (Cantena), Sophie McLean (Luigi Bosca), and Phil Poulter (Trivento) for all their support.

The highlights on the evening (certainly for me anyway) were the delicious Atamisque Assemblage, Serbal Cabernet Franc, Terrazas de Los Andes wines and the Zorzal Field Blend. The Atamisque Assemblage is a magnificently fruity wine that more than stands up to wines twice its price. Using a blend based on those found in old style Bordeaux (when Malbec was still in the mix) this wine is packed full of flavour. Smooth tannins make sure this is a bold but very, very approachable wine while ripe juicy fruits of plum, blackberry and cherry ensure you don’t forget that this is a big hitting new world wonder. More than a few people came back for a second and third glass of this beauty, which I think that says it all.

The Serbal Cabernet Franc is a totally different barrel of grapes, it’s an incredibly light and fresh single variety wine that showcases the very best Cabernet Franc has to offer. Lots of strawberry and red berries on the palate which are complimented by crisp, well balanced acidity. This is a red wine that you could chill down and serve on a sunny day but it will hold its own on any occasion. Stood next to all the big, full bodied Malbecs on the night, a lesser wine may have been overlooked, but this is a gem that really shone.

The Terrazas de Los Andes wines went down a storm, not just the Cheval des Andes (the priciest wine on the evening) but also the much more reasonable single variety Malbec. The Terrazas de Los Andes Malbec is an instant classic, delivering on all the levels a good Argentinian Malbec should- full bodied, rich, fruity and lusciously purple in the glass. If you need a good straight talking Malbec to impress then the Terrazes de Los Andes is a brilliant option. The Cheval des Andes however is incredible. There is no need to throw any more superlatives at it, incredible sums it up. Very few wines anywhere consecutively score 94+ Parker Points but the Cheval des Andes does. Pricey but worth every penny.

The Zorzal Field Blend really stood out for me, it’s a prime example of the superb wine-making skill in Argentina. A blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Malbec this wine seems to have one foot in Argentina and the other in France. It has a refined elegance and clean acidity that feels very French, but when the fruit comes in there is no mistaking that it’s new world. Very lively, full of plum and red cherry, with notes of orange peel and cinnamon adding depth and complexity. A great wine, enjoyable to the last drop.

All said and done it was a fantastic evening, the room was packed and buzzing and the wine was in full flow. A huge thank you must go to Buenos Aires Argentine Restaurant in City, London for all their help on the evening and for letting us host our wonderful event in their function room. We look forward to seeing you all at the next one!


The Slurp Team


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