Slurp Awarded Runner Up in Portuguese Wine Awards 2013

On 5th March 2013 was awarded Runner Up in the category of “Online / Mail Order” in the annual Portuguese Wine Awards 2013.  Emily Acha Derrington, Slurp’s Head of Marketing, collected the award at a reception held at The Residence of the Ambassador of Portugal.  The award was made by the Association of Portuguese Wine Importers.

The award reflects the progress Slurp has made broadening its range beyond the usual European ‘suspects’ in Old World wines.  Slurp was recognised both for its range of Portuguese wines and its efforts to promote the excellence and the value for money that Portuguese wines now represent.  Slurp offers a high quality range of Portuguese reds and whites in the premium retail category, in addition to its traditional Port selection.

Here’s all of the award winners – Emily Acha Derrinton (Head of Marketing) and Alex Gonszor (Head of Purchasing and Trading) are the second pair on the left.

portuguese wine awards photo


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