BrewDog: Beer for Punks

You may have already noticed, but we just can’t get enough of the kick-ass beers from Scottish brewery, BrewDog (in fact, you could say we’re just a little bit in love with them). So here’s our ‘Ode to BrewDog’…

BrewDog's Martin & JamesBrewDog Basics

The boys behind BrewDog, Martin and James, set up the company in 2007 after becoming bored with the mass market lagers and stuffy ales that beer drinkers in the UK had to put up with. So what did they do? They took it upon themselves to save the nation and start their own brewery (read the full story here). From just two employees (and one dog), Martin and James have conquered the UK craft beer scene with their sensational brews, cool bars and wacky publicity stunts.

The Brews

From postmodern IPAs to special limited releases, BrewDog have a wide variety of styles that cater for all discerning beer drinkers. They’re also known for collaborating with other fantastic breweries – such as International Arms Race with America’s Flying Dog and Catherine’s Pony with East London’s Beavertown.

A pint at BrewDog Camden

Pint-sized Punk

So with all these fabulous brews, where do you start?

For us, it has to be the Punk IPA – a trans-Atlantic fusion India Pale Ale that’s got bags of tropical fruit and hops. Not only can you buy this Punk in bottles, but it’s also available in cans. With 98 points from, it comes as no surprise that this is the most popular brew from the range. Fancy Slurping some BrewDog? Click here to see what we’ve got in stock.

BrewDog IPA is Dead

A limited release that sold like hot cakes!

We were also able to get our hands on some BrewDog rarities recently – and they proved extremely popular. IPA is Dead is a collection of four single hopped IPAs and we had access to just 6 packs (which flew out the door in record time!) This was BrewDog’s second go at using some of their favourite hops from around the world and this time they used Galaxy (Australia), Motueka (New Zealand), Challenger (UK) and HBC (North America). We also snapped up some of their Libertine Black (now sold out) – a “dark hop bomb combining the hop awesomeness of an IPA and the decadent and indulgent malt flavours of a stout”. Watch out for more BrewDog specials in the future…

So that’s our love letter to BrewDog and their beers (you can see more on our dedicated Pinterest board). If we’ve convinced you to try them, then head over to the website and get Slurping!


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