Burns Night – What we will be drinking…

ImageThe 25th January brings about an important day in every Scots calendar. It is the annual celebration of the great Scottish Poet (Bard), Robert Burns (1759-1796) and the perfect excuse for festivities. The traditional supper has been held on the National Bard’s birthday for the past 200 years and truly celebrates with all things Scottish; whisky, haggis, neeps and tatties, bagpipes and the works of Robbie Burns. While the traditional Supper is paired with a fine single malt, there is plenty of scope for an ‘alternative’ tipple to enjoy with your haggis.


Here at Slurp we are a particular fan of the Edinburgh Gin and it has been a real hit with our customers over the past year too.  The craftsmanship of their range is exceptional and made from a traditional family recipe including Scottish juniper, heather and thistle; Edinburgh Gin or why not try something even more exciting with their Raspberry Infused Edinburgh Gin. Both of these are excellent in a cocktail and a great way to enjoy a drink with a Scottish twist:

50ml Edinburgh Gin
20ml Lemon juice
5ml Gomme Syrup
15ml Crème de Mûre 
2 blackberries to garnish

Add the gin, lemon juice and syrup to a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake well. Fill a lowball glass with crushed ice and add the gin mixture. Gently pour over the Crème de Mûre and garnish with blackberries.

Scottish Raspberry Fizz
8 Raspberries (plus 1 for garnish)
20ml Gomme Syrup
10ml Lime Juice
50ml Edinburgh Raspberry Gin
Champagne or Sparkling wine

Muddle raspberries in a cocktail shaker, add syrup, lime juice and gin. Fill the shaker with ice and shake until fully mixed. Strain into a glass and top-up with Champagne or Sparkling wine. Garnish with a raspberry.


If a cocktail is not your thing then never fear, Scotland also produce some excellent brews that are a great way to get those celebrations started! The craft beer revolution at BrewDog began just 6 short years ago and has dominated the UK craft beer industry at break neck speed. BrewDog have won (numerous) awards and fans alike, including many Slurp staff and customers. We particular recommend the Punk IPA with 98 points from Ratebeer.com. This trans-Atlantic fusion IPA is light golden in colour bursting with fruity hops . This is not one to miss out on!! Why not check out what else this excellent brewery has to offer here.


Some of our bestselling beers come from the Harviestoun brewery which holds quite a collection of awards to its name. In recent years this brewery has gone from strength to strength, producing first-class classic Scottish beers-including some pretty special editions, matured in single malt barrels. The Harviestoun Old Engine Oil is a particular favourite with loads of roasted malts that give it a rich black colour and plenty of oats to smooth out the tannins and give it a creamy mouthfeel.

Check out what other beers Scotland has to offer here.


Of course we couldn’t leave without discussing our favourite Scottish Whisky from Compass Box Distillery. They create superb premium whisky blends that win awards year after year. The Great King Street Artist’s Blend is a great introduction to whisky, but we think whisky aficionados will love it too! Named after the grand street in Edinburgh this tipple is produced from a blend of malt whisky (about 50%), truly excellent quality grain whiskies and the careful use of new French Oak ageing for added complexity. This whisky has a very versatile style that makes it excellent to drink neat, with a splash of water or add some ice, but if you are looking for something a little different why not try this sumptuous Burns Night Cocktail.

Burn’s Night Cocktail
50ml Compass Box Great King Street
50ml Sweet Vermouth
A few drops of bitters
10ml Benedictine or Absinthe

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until blended. Strain into a Martini glass and garnish with a twist of lemon.

There is a great selection to celebrate the life and works of the Scottish Baird, whether you’re having a full Burn’s Supper and piping in the Haggis or just an excuse to have a drink with friends, there is something for everyone!! 


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