Slurp Group Announces Audacious New Push into France

12th April 2012

The Slurp Group has launched an audacious bid to beat the French on their own patch! ( levers British e-commerce expertise into a French online market that is lagging well behind its Anglo-Saxon neighbour. is aiming high, targeting a #1 position in French wine, spirit and premium beer online sales within three years.  Launched initially with around 700 products, the range will grow to 2,000+ within three months and then further still by year end. includes all of the features that have drivenís dramatic growth in the UK.  The branding is contemporary (not just unstuffy, but “anti-stuffy”).  Ease of ordering is paramount, with a large number of products available in singles.  There are Cork Points (Bouchons de Fidélité), “Simon the Online Sommelier”, “VinTrader” (allowing online trading of fine wines) and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) embedded throughout the site.  SlurpVision features prominently, with a French language video on the homepage. is targeting the same knowledgeable premium retail customers as in the UK. We expect the inital audience to be younger, affluent French consumers who wish to expand their horizons beyond domestic wines through a modern, dynamic online experience.  For this reason, will emphasise New World products – mainly of which are surprisingly difficult to obtain in France.

Slurp Group CEO Dr Jeremy Howard explained why Slurp chose France for its first European foray:

“France is Europe’s largest wine market (by value) but is surprisingly poorly served online.  Most French sites suffer from a lack of investment and poor functionality.  Substandard service, high delivery charges and negative publicity associated with some high profile failures have combined to retard development of this market.  But we believe that our six years of e-commerce experience in the UK gives us an excellent platform from which to launch a significant market share grab in France.”


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