Slurp Excited by Pinterest Possibilities

16th March 2012

Slurp has become the first major UK wine retailer to make all its 6,000+ products ‘pinnable’ on Pinterest – the explosive new social media platform.  Slurp sees significant sales potential in Pinterest and has already created 25 ‘Boards’ through which to showcase its wines and other products:

As well as viewing Slurp’s own Boards – which show imaginative food and wine pairings on temptingly titled Boards such as ‘Moroccan Dinner’, ‘An English Wedding’, ‘Italian Summer Dinner’ or ‘Gin O’Clock’ – Slurp customers can now ‘pin’ Slurp products onto their own Boards.  These can then be shared with friends.

As well as offering fabulous contextualised presentations of Slurp’s favourite products, Slurp has also started using Pinterest for special promotions.  Slurp’s ‘Fine Wine Specials’ Board offers deeper pocketed customers amazing and often exclusive deals on fine wine products:

Pinterest has shot to prominence as its referral traffic has eclipsed that of giants like Facebook and Google.  Pinterest lets users to grab little bits of web content and arrange (‘pin’) them on personal ‘Boards’. These Boards are then shared and hence popular products / offers etc. can spread virally across the internet.

Slurp’s e-marketing Manager Emily Acha Derrington explains how Pinterest has the potential to eclipse both Twitter and Facebook as a genuine driver of wine sales:

“In terms of wine, Twitter has descended into an interminable (and often pretty dull) conversation between the wine trade and itself.  And on Facebook, people are generally more interested in sharing social experiences than buying things.  But Pinterest offers something different, linking social and commercial in an appealing way.  We have already been surprised at the uptick of traffic to products showcased on our Boards.”


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