Slurp in New Push to Alert British Companies to Wine Gifting Possibilities

24th April 2012

Today sees the launch of a new campaign to show British companies and institutions how to use wine more creatively to deepen relationships with key customers and partners.

Slurp has produced a dedicated new mini-site ( and will launch an SEO/Press/Email campaign targeting 36,000 UK purchasing managers directly.  A new department has been created at Slurp’s London HQ to help corporates get more out of wine.

Slurp believes that many more companies could use wine gifting and wine-based loyalty programmes successfully.  In December 2011 Slurp ran a loyalty programme for a major retailer in which customers were sent a free bottle of Prosecco as a reward for spending a certain amount.  The campaign was a huge success and the retailer deepened its relationship with thousands of key customers very cost effectively.

Slurp is now actively pitching similar initiatives to a number of UK companies and agents.

On top of this, Slurp was surprised in December 2011 by the level of seasonal corporate gifting requests.  These requests involved Slurp sending multiple hundreds of individual bottles and cases to customers all over the country.  Once again, the results were extremely positive with companies reporting very high satisfaction levels.  But Slurp questions why such initiatives are used only for one week in the year when the evidence suggests that they are effective year round.  Being a national and international delivery specialist, Slurp is especially well placed to execute such campaigns.

Slurp’s Head of UK Retail Services Emily Acha Derrington said that companies were often unaware of the possibilities:

“We need to get out there and really bang the drum on this.  Virtually everyone is delighted to receive a gift of wine from a company or organisation, and it can be a really cost effective gifting option in these straightened times.  But we need much more awareness of what the options are for companies.  Our campaign seeks to address this.”


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