Would you put a Cork in it?

Would you put a Cork in it?

The whole Cork vs. Screwcap argument has been raging for a while now, and both sides offer valid arguments for why each is better. So here are a few facts (and maybe the odd conjecture) on what is a key decision for every winemaker in the world. First off lets have a look at a cork: Favoured … Continue reading

Sherry Rocks!

A bold statement I know, but it’s 100% true, and I’ll prove it. “But…only my Nan drinks it!” is a pretty standard response when we mention Sherry, and yeah, quite often it’s a fair point. Every UK household has at least one crusty, 3/4 full bottle of Cream Sherry hanging around at the back of a … Continue reading

Maison Chapoutier

Maison Chapoutier is one of our very favourite wine estates at Slurp. Established in 1879 by Polydor Chapoutier, it is situated in the epicentre of the Rhone Valley. Propelled by the leadership and charisma of wine-maker Michel Chapoutier, has become one of the most influential wineries in the region. Michel Chapoutier began his remarkable wine career at the … Continue reading

Slurp’s Top 40 Argentinian Tasting

Slurp’s Top 40 Argentinian Tasting

We recently hosted a fantastic evening full of Argentinian delights. Over 50 wines were on show (we just couldn’t stop at 40) from Bonarda to Viognier, Atamisque to Zorzal, Patagonia to Salta, all bases were covered. We were proud to host key figures from the main featured estates on the evening, who were on hand … Continue reading

Grenache: 2016’s ‘now’ grape?

We love Grenache here at Slurp, and what’s not to love? Grenache (aka Cannonau (Italy), Garnacha (Spain), Garnatxa (Spain) and Grenache Noir) is a wine style that tastes warm and fruity with loads of strawberry, spice and the occasional flavour of tobacco and orange peel all working together to teleport the drinker to a more … Continue reading

A Slurp view of 2016

There is a lot of talk going on about what will be hot in the wine world in 2016 and we could all be forgiven for not really knowing where to start. So…this is our take on the year ahead, what we aim to focus on, what wines are interesting us and how we see … Continue reading

We’re Back!!

After a 3 year absence the Slurp Blog is back in action and we want to hear all about what you have been drinking…favourite wine…favourite spirit…anything liquid will do!! Our aim with this Blog is to simply talk about the drinks that we enjoy and share the most interesting news, stories and information on all the happenings in … Continue reading

BrewDog: Beer for Punks

You may have already noticed, but we just can’t get enough of the kick-ass beers from Scottish brewery, BrewDog (in fact, you could say we’re just a little bit in love with them). So here’s our ‘Ode to BrewDog’… BrewDog Basics The boys behind BrewDog, Martin and James, set up the company in 2007 after … Continue reading

Burns Night – What we will be drinking…

The 25th January brings about an important day in every Scots calendar. It is the annual celebration of the great Scottish Poet (Bard), Robert Burns (1759-1796) and the perfect excuse for festivities. The traditional supper has been held on the National Bard’s birthday for the past 200 years and truly celebrates with all things Scottish; … Continue reading